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Family Engagement Resources

For kids, digital life is real life. It's where they build friendships, take a stand on issues, and do so much more. Schools and educators with a commitment to digital citizenship can use this toolkit to find valuable tips and tools to share with families. With research-backed resources covering a range of topics -- from online safety and cyberbullying to media balance and learning with technology -- you can easily find and share articles, videos, printable handouts, ready-made presentations, and more in your classroom, on your school's website or social feed, or at your next parent night.


Help families navigate the ups and downs of raising kids in the digital age.

Quick-Start Essentials

Check out our most-shared resources for families.
  • Find free learning activities for students that make learning from home more effective and fun.

  • Distance Learning Templates

    Customizable templates

    Support families and students during distance learning with these helpful organizers.

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  • Digital Citizenship Resources for Family Engagement

    Find resources to share with parents and caregivers to support the K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum lessons.

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  • Find age-appropriate movies, books, apps, TV shows, video games, and more.

  • PDF | 1-min. read

    迪威国际开户Help families set some expectations and ground rules around device use.

  • 迪威国际开户Free weekly text message tips for families on how to practice healthy media habits at home.

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